Erwin Nyhoff Live At Neushoorn Leeuwarden

Wilhelmfreddie – Demigod

Album: Orist – Quote Unquote

Gitta de Ridder en Youri Lentjes voor Serious Request

Kruidkoek E.P.

“The Root Sessions” Town of Saints – New Skin

“The Root Sessions” Tangarine – Seek & Sigh

“The Root Sessions” Taymir – All we know

“The Root Sessions” Mister & Mississippi – Nemo Nobody

“The Root Sessions” Eefje de Visser – Er is

“The Root Sessions” Janne Schra – Swimmer

99 Zero EP!

Live Recording Benjamin Herman

“The Root Sessions” Mozes and the firstborn – Down with the band (Recording/Mixing/Mastering)

Sound design, foley en post-production voor een 5.1 assignment van SAE Institute, (video in stereo)

Final Project – SAE Institute Amsterdam (ICON Studio 1) Track: Elbow – One day like this

Studio Pictures

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